LSCoFD + SASP Lifeguard Pack [Add-On / Replace] 2.6


If you ever get hit by a vehicle in Vespucci Beach, you better hope it's one of the new Lifeguard Alamos. After too many unfortunate incidents with Grangers, they brought lighter Alamos, Contenders and Yosemites to reduce injury. Because of the lighter impact, you might be awake to see the attractive lifeguard rescuing you this time at least

If you ever go to a State Beach, remember not to flirt that attractive lifeguard. Unlike their LS County Counterparts, the San Andreas State Lifeguards are also Peace officers so if you do that, expect your face to be planted on the sand, a nice shock from a coil stun gun, then a ride to jail.

Megapack Containing two San Andreas Lifeguard Agencies inspired by the real counterparts. Includes Cargenerators so these vehicles will spawn naturally in game!

Spawn names:
Granger: lguard (replace), Yosemite swb: lguardyo, Contender: lguardcont, Squalo: lguardsq, Alamo: lguardal, Riata: lguardri, Freecrawler: lguardfc, Steed: lguardst, Sandking: lguardsk
San Andreas State Parks Peace Officer Lifeguards
Yosemite: saprlguardyo, Mesa: saprlguardme, Bison: saprlguardbi

Siren ID: 250, 1114 (it is recommended that you install sirensetting limit adjuster if you have many emergency mods

2.6: Bug fixes on the Squalo boats (thanks Bakiba3r for reporting) and new LED roof spotlight for the SASP yosemite.
2.5: Major asset overhaul, added everon for both agencies, verus for LSCoFD and landroamer + SWB yosemite for SASP.
2.1: Fixed the Mesa dirtmap, and improved SASP liveries.
v2.0: Added many vehicles that IlayArye sent me (thank you a lot!) and SASP Lifeguard vehicles.
v1.3: Added a lifeguard Squalo boat, cargens, tow hitches and minor other edits
v1.2: Turned into a minipack, added Declasse Yosemite SWB and Vapid Contender
Improved liveries on Alamo
v1.0a: fixed a minor woopsie (kept a trunk/rear seat divider)

Bravo-1-Charlie for the Vapid Riata, Everon, Retro edits to the landroamer, lifeguard spec version of Maate's Liberty, Granger and Alamo facelift, MDC on SASP vehicles, steed offroad wheels, Lifeguard Squalo, LED roof spotlight.
IlayArye for the Declasse Alamo, Declasse Yosemite, Vapid Steed, Sandking Util, and the new bedcap on the Contender, landroamer
W/, for the Vapid Contender, MX7000, rotator emmissives
Glennoconnell: Contender
dani02, thundersmacker: Bison XL, mapped by RIME
Vx5 Voltage, Original MX7000
Nacho for the Yosemite SWB, Roof spotlight, cages
Actually Toxic for the PPV Alamo edits
11john11 for console, trunk equipment, mesa rims
Jacobmaate for the Lore Arjent, Lore LX2100, Lore Liberty misc interior parts from lifeguard mesa, new surfboard and lifeguard gear
AlexanderLB for custom textures
Alex Ashfold: SASP door Star
Fenton for Tow Hitches, Vapid Steed
GCT: Vapid Steed
Carythxd: Utility Sandking
Bob322: Mesa SWB
REDITA for cargens
(if you see any resources from you in this pack, message me and I'll add you and apologies in advance)
Mod exclusive to Reuploads to any other site are not allowed and considered stolen. For permission to use assets made by me, message me.
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