LSPD K9 - Los Santos Police Department K-9 Platoon Pack 1.0



The LSPD's K-9 Platoon, a group of officers who apparently missed the memo that they're supposed to be professionals. These guys treat their canine partners like they're auditioning for a reality show, parading around with an arrogance that would make even a cat cringe.

Handlers strutting around like they're the stars of a bad cop sitcom, with their K-9 sidekicks reluctantly playing along. They probably practice their tough-guy stares in the mirror, completely oblivious to the fact that their dogs are rolling their eyes, if dogs could roll their eyes.
A platoon of officers more concerned with their own egos than actual crime-fighting, with canine partners who deserve better co-stars in the crime-fighting drama.


Redtail - Vehicle Textures, FedSig Impaxx Modules, FedSig Visor Lights, Trunk Equipment, Vertex Modules
Jacobmaate - Scout II Interior, FedSig Valor, Trunk Equipment
Da7k - Scout 2020 3D model
actuallytoxic - Alamo II, 2016 Scout, 2013 Scout
Nachtfliege - Alamo II, 2016 Scout, 2013 Scout, 2020 Scout, Buffalo SX
Ilay - Alamo II
Roos4er - Buffalo SX Wheels
Crizby - Console
11John11 - Antennas, FedSig Arjent, FedSig Micropulse, K-9 Cage, Console, 2020 Scout Model Improvements, FedSig TA
Xana/M4k3 - SX V6 Engine L0
Eddlm - Scout 2020 & SX Handling
daerius - SX Front bumper L0
Dani02 - 2020 Scout bugfixes & glass shards
Gabriele Cappellano - 2020 Scout original sketch

Screenshots by Reyox

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