McKENZIE Airport Update Project [Menyoo] 1.0.20240115


This is my project for Mckenzie airport, I spent 4 month to make this airport more like a modern airport. And I also "repaired" its runway for this airport to make our take off more easily. I hpoe my project can make you happy!

1. All gates Function well and not cause problem while play story mode
2. A terminal with benches and there're redom NPCs to be decoration
3. Street lights for whole airport, you will never drive in dark road
4. Airlights for landing safty
5. More realstic feeling when you play in Trevor's airport mission

1. move file to "GTA V\menyooStuff\Spooner"
2. in game, use menyoo to swapn this xml file (load placement)
3. watch the img "Must watch this.jpg" after loaded this file, this is important for your game experience.
4. Have fun!

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1. 所有的功能都可以在正确安装后正常运行
2. 新的航站楼,航站楼内的长椅上会刷出NPC,玩家可以与他们互动
3. 机场周围道路添加了路灯,同时机场有了更坚固的栅栏,这样就不会被四面楚歌了
4. 机场跑道有了跑道灯,同时机场跑道也有了光学助降灯
5. 电台员会让玩家扮演崔弗时有更真实的感觉

1. 将文件移动至 "游戏根目录\menyooStuff\Spooner"
2. 启动游戏,在menyoo修改器的“模型模式”中选择“加载保存的文件”中选择该文件并加载
3. 加载地图后请参照"Must watch this.jpg" 解锁自动门,否则地面载具无法正常进入自定义地图
4. 你可以开始游戏了!


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