Vcolor Reshade - VisualV Natural Color Correction 1.1


The preset v color mod is specifically designed to enhance and correct in-game colors. With several notable features, vcolor offers a more realistic visual experience while maintaining the original essence of the game, and the best, no fps loss, no exaggerated and heavy effects, just color correction!

please give me credit if you use it

//////// INSTALL //////////

Step 1: Download ReShade
- Visit the official ReShade website at

Step 2: Install ReShade
- Run the ReShade setup file you downloaded.
- At the welcome screen, click "Select Game" and navigate to the directory where GTA V is installed on your computer.
- Select the game's main executable (eg "GTA5.exe") and click "Open".
- On the next screen, you will be asked to choose the graphics API used by the game. Select the most suitable option (usually "Direct3D 10/11/12").
- On the next screen choose the "vcolor" preset where you downloaded it and wait for ReShade to complete the installation.

//////// CHANGELOG //////////

// 1.1 //


-Practice set up from scratch for visualv

-Revised white balance

-Adjustments for midtones improving weather color, smoother skin, and more detailed textures

-Revised shadows for better balance making nights darker but not affecting gameplay.

-Improvement exposure and saturation for the white, yellow and blue, trying to remove the ink effect as much as possible


-One of the main improvements offered by the preset is the improved white balance. Now white colors are really white and black colors are really black. This means that details in images are enhanced, giving them a stronger and more vibrant appearance.

-Additionally, shadows have received a refined tweak. Instead of being completely black, the shadows now have a slight blue tint, mimicking how the shadows look in real life. This additional blue color effect on shadows is a result of sky light falling on them rather than direct sunlight. This creates a more faithful and immersive visual representation of the game's environment.

-The preset also improved contrast and exposure, ensuring more accurate and balanced color reproduction. Black tones are accentuated, which intensifies textures and corrects possible intense white tones

-Color saturation is individually adjusted, correcting specific issues, removing the tinted yellow and blue effect, for a more authentic and natural result.

-During the night, the preset makes the game darker, but without compromising the gameplay. This subtle adjustment provides a more immersive experience during night scenes.

-In addition, night lights are enhanced through specific exposure, saturation and color contrast adjustments, generated in a more detailed and impactful representation.

-Another important aspect of vcolor is the midtone adjustment, which controls the yellow and blue tones. This makes the skin, roads and buildings look more natural and realistic, providing a more immersive visual experience.
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