Night FPS Performance Improvement Fix 2.2

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- Installation (This script requires ScriptHookV and JM36 Lua Plugin) -
[Required] Put "NightPerformanceFix.lua" into your JM36 Lua Plugin "ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules" directory.
[Optional] Put "NightPerformanceFix_ExperimentalSupplemental.lua" into your JM36 Lua Plugin "ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules" directory.

- Description and Discussion -
This mod/script aims to increase the night time fps performance; on average, the improvement seems to be around 20fps for most, and sometimes even more depending upon your location and whatnot.

Typically, during the day time, with clear weather, you will typically have the highest fps; at night time however, with clear weather, your fps will typically be at half of your day time fps (if you are lucky enough to not have it instead fall to a quarter of your day time fps that is). This problem occurs within the vanilla game, with no mods or scripts. This mod/script improves that dreadfully lowered fps on average by around 20 fps which is better, especially if yous fps is 20 or 30 or anything low like that.

It seems to be a thing that affects certain system build configurations, mainly primarily what CPU you have (and not so much GPU), it's a weird/strange bug though for sure. AMD Ryzen CPUs (except 3600) seem to be the most impacted by this, alongside some/few Intel CPUs, and maybe even older AMD CPUs as well.

- Files -
-- "NightPerformanceFix.lua" - the main and original (and required) night time fps improvement/enhancement/fix script.
-- "NightPerformanceFix_ExperimentalSupplemental.lua" - a new optional experimental supplemental fps improvement/enhancement/fix script for both day and night times. Use only if you really wish/need to try and squeeze out even more fps for some reason; this may/can/will cause some occasional noticeable graphical artifacts out in the distance.

- Changelog -
-- Fixed an oversight with v2.1 which prevented it from doing it's job.
-- Support new areas from game update (Game Build 2944 - San Andreas Mercenaries)
-- Improved internal logic and algorithms in both "NightPerformanceFix.lua" and "NightPerformanceFix_ExperimentalSupplemental.lua" to improve performance.
-- Support more areas (the entire map).
-- Slight adjustment to "NightPerformanceFix.lua" to improve performance.
-- New optional experimental supplemental extra that can potentially provide some additional FPS performance improvements and enhancements during both the night and day times ("NightPerformanceFix_ExperimentalSupplemental.lua"), see "Files" section.

- FAQ -
No, you cannot use this for FiveM; it will not work, it is not supported, it is not designed for it. Yes, I do have a version/variant for FiveM, however I have no plans on releasing that anytime soon (outside of my own FiveM server that is, which runs it).

(^Edit 2023.06.25) - The FiveM version/variant (containing FiveM-specific additions/enhancements) has been released over at

When testing and comparing, you should use static variables, ie try to keep the time and weather the same (freeze it), as well as character and camera positions, maps, etc. for better accuracy.

This may or may not function correctly with any other performance/fps fix mods or scripts.

Any bugs or problems or issues or etc.? Tag me with some details in the comments or contact me via Discord.
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