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    Hmm, I did have the idea of making something similar to this in mind awhile ago but never really got around to making it for singleplayer, too bad this recommends the old outdated version of Lua Plugin though. As for "not perfect" @byMoJiiTo, ehh, you'll get there with persistence and practice and time.

    2 dagen geleden
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    @Goku1305 you can use a menu or trainer to repair vehicle

    27 december 2022
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    @TayMcKenzie That will be a significant work/conversion process to make compatible; you would need to remove the FiveM specific dependencies, create an equivalent menu api (or switch to another), and make some other adjustments as needed/necessary.

    22 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 RAGE stands for Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine, and native functions are functions that are native or built in; for example, the `print` function in Lua would be a Lua native function.

    14 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 no problem!

    As for what RAGE native functions are available, there's a wiki with some documentation, it's not the greatest or anything but should explain a little; namespaces aren't "supported" or embraced by me, they're pretty much only still there for the backward compatibility, otherwise I'd have likely nuked them or something tbh. Main wiki page regarding game natives: (it'll refer you to take a look at an "__Internal" "Natives" file which basically once you scroll past it's "OldNames" backwards compatibility section you will see the list of "supported" and their (re)maps). Instead of "NAMESPACE.UPPER_SNAKE_CASE" it is just "PascalCase", so for example instead of "PLAYER.PLAYER_ID()" you would just do "PlayerId()".

    Sorry for the delayed (almost day late) response btw

    13 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 Yeah it's posted subtly/quietly around in a few places, like if you look at the top of the page, then in the middle above "All Versions" there's a Discord button, I guess I should post it around a bit more, I thought I also had it in the description here but I guess not lol. Also here if you don't "@" someone they don't get notified, so I don't even get notifications for new comments on any of my published mods, I have to actually manually refresh and check each one of them myself.

    11 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 I have not looked into that, but what that native's comment says basically is that it "disables the up control for the phone when the phone is out and active or in use", at least back when whoever tested and documented. The way that I would attempt to disable taking out the phone is just, manipulating the controls (ie disabling the control action or making it auto press back when up is pressed), though I've seen people have also simply just terminate the game's phone script, whatever script that is (I forgot how that's done exactly but everything that I've mentioned here can be done via natives).

    Also dw about it lol it's always kinda/pretty fun to help with or explain stuff as it brings my mind back to think about and focus on something, and I may even notice something that could be added or improved in the process. My only caveat is that no one ever joins my Discord or anything which would be so much better for me plus I'm more actively watching.

    11 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 Yeah, [C++]SHV=ASI and [C#]SHVDN=DLL, both of which I either don't fully understand or don't like as much in comparison to Lua.

    And also yeah, the main difference between the users and developers editions/distributions used to in the past only specifically be which variant of the ASI is bundled/included with/in their respective zips, however, there are quite a few more additional changes/differences now: the users distribution/version does not include any "Example" script modules anymore (unless by accident), and, (almost) all of the Lua script files that come standard/packaged/packed/distributed with/in the users distribution/version are actually LuaC files ([pre]compiled), meaning that just like with C++/SHV/ASI and C#/SHVDN/DLL scripts/files, they cannot be easily read nor modified in standard/typical ways/methods; besides that however though, the Lua script files from either/both distributions are "exactly the same" (and are interchangeable), so you can use the users ASI with the developer Lua script files and vice versa.

    10 december 2022
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    @cheesix8 I don't know anything about ScriptHookV's console, but it may be possible with modifications to the ASI's source code; you're on your own there however though, I haven't been able to get that to compile at all, no matter what I did or tried and attempted. This only exists currently because I was able to reuse the old existing ASI files from the original which look for a specifically named Lua script to load and execute, and that is where all the differences and my changes are done, though of course the amount of things you can do or change there are very/extremely limited so it'd have to be done through the ASI source code. Apart from that, the only other option is to make a SHV script that reads and prints the contents of a file to the console, write a Lua script module that hijacks/redirects the print function write to a file, then swap from the developer ASI to the user ASI.

    8 december 2022
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    @IDarthVaderX1 This is for GTA V singleplayer.

    3 december 2022