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This mod allows you use a "Turbo System" similar to "NFS: Hot Pursuit 2" and "NFS: Rivals" in Grand Theft Auto V.

(NFS Rival description)
The Turbo system gives a rapid boost of vehicle acceleration that lasts until its power is depleted or a strong collision occurs.

By downloading and using this mod, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the mod.
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Installation instructions:
  • - Find your GTA V installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V). It should have files like GTAV.exe and x64
  • - Requires Alexander Blade Script hook v (
  • - Extract "TurboSystemV.asi" and "TurboSystemV.ini" into the game main directory.
  • - Launch the game

  • - 'T' key (gamepad 'DOWN') (can be changed in ini file)
  • - SHIFT + 'T' key (gamepad 'LEFT') to enter SETUP menu (Can be changed in ini file)



  • Q: how do I uninstall this?
  • A: Delete both of these files from your GTA V installation folder.
  • Q: Where do I get the latest version?
  • A: Visit for the latest version.

  • Credits:
    • - Alexander Blade for script hook v and SDK.
    • - GTA forums.
    • - - EA's NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 and NFS: Rivals SFX and concept.
    • - Johnny Manson for providing script hook v template. (And a YouTube video)


    Patchnotes & logs:

    V2.2 (March 03, 2017)
    - Faster and constant recharge time.
    - Maximum turbo boost and power has been increased.
    - Imporved visual and sound effect sync.

    V2.1.5 (December 25, 2016)
    - Updated library
    - Added an option to add up to 2 keys combination to activate the turbo in the ini file.
    Note: This version has not been checked in-game. Hence v2.1 is included as a backup.

    V2.1 (September 12, 2016)
    • Highlights:
    • - New turbo mode is available from NFS: Rivals. The turbo kicks in faster but the duration is shorter. (NEW DEFAULT)
    • - Improved menu aesthetics.
    • Minor:
    • - The menu settings effects have been slightly reduced.

    V2.0 (September 8, 2016)
    • Highlights:
    • - Added camera shake when turbo starts.
    • - Enhanced flame immersion.
    • - Reworked engine boost, the car won't reach ridiculously high speed but
      will still accelerate to high speed quickly.
    • - Reworked charging, now driving makes the turbo charge faster.
    • Minor:
    • - Removed the yellow bar.
    • - Removed old flame effect option.
    • - Reduced the slow time effect when activating the turbo.
    • - Updated to the newest library.
    • - Subtle cosmetic changes to the recharge bar.
    • - Changed a few menu items titles.
    • - The settings impact on the turbo are now less powerful as a result of the new implemented algorithims.
    • - Updated mod description and readme file.

    V1.6.5a (April 12, 2016)
    HOTFIX: Notification message flickering resolved.

    V1.6.5 (April 12, 2016)

      - New menu integration, with correct settings behavior.
      - Turbo duration can now be extended up to 10 seconds with sound.
      - Code optimization
      - Turbo recharge time is now up to 30 seconds.
      - Various settings changes.

    V1.6 (February 25, 2016)
    • Highlights:
    • - Flames are now currently come out of the exhausts.
      (Old exhaust can still be used by changing the settings in the ini file)

    • Minor:
    • - Initial speed boost has been reduced by 60%.

    V1.5.4 (June 19, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • Removed the option to enter SETUP via gamepad.
    • Rewrote ini file to be more clear.

    V1.5.3 (June 11, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • Reworked notification system content.
    • Gamepad hopefully works nows.
    • SETUP is now entered by pressing (SHIFT + T)

    • Minor:
    • The mod now shows a one-time message that can only be removed by opening SETUP menu.
    • Added the option to completely disable minimap notifcation in config file.
    • Added an img that explains SETUP menu.

    V1.5.2a (June 10, 2015)
    • IMPORTANT: Gamepad is still not functional
    • HOTFIX: Fixed a bug affecting Windows 7

    V1.5.2 (June 10, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • Gamepad is now supported!
    • EMERGENCY STOP feature can not be activated if you press 'T' again while turbo is active. REALLY COOL.
    • If you didn't like the slow time effect when the turbo "warms up" you can now disable it in the config file
      by giving "Slow_Mo_Start" var a value of 100.
    • Minor:
    • Settings have been altered a bit you can press 'E' in menu to reset them to the old ones.

    V1.5.1 (June 08, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • HOTFIX for V1.5: Boost speed now provides the intended speed boost.
    • Code optimization.
    • You can now save your changes in SETUP menu!

    V1.5 (June 07, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • Added graphical interface! F3 to activate or change in config file. NOTICE: CHANGES INGAME WILL BE LOST UPON GAME RESTART ONLY CHANGES IN THE CONFIG FILE WILL BE SAVED.
    • Slight warp speed effect increase.
    • Press 'E' while in SETUP menu to reload settings.
    • Minor:
    • Removed redundant options in the config file.
    • Removed testing files.
    • Reduced img sample size.

    V1.1.4 (June 05, 2015)
    • Highlights:
    • You should really check out Slow-Mo Collision from previous patch. (Slow_Mo_Collision = 0->1 )
    • Bug fix that prevented changing key bind.
    • After burner default duration reduced by 1/4.
    • Minor:
    • Changed "end_with_slow_effect" to "Slow_Mo_Collision" in config file.
    • Notifications bug fix. "Recharing"...
    • Added images in img sample.

    V1.1.3 (June 05, 2015)
    • Config file editable during gameplay.
    • Added notification for activating while still recharging or when the vehicle is totaled.
    • Removed the function "scriptUnregister".
    • When you are about to have a collision, the game will slow down time and speed it back up after. (Credit: TheLask)

    • ^ (This effect is disabled as the default, see the ini file to enable it )
    • Added testing files (sound removed).
    • It was always "(June 05, 2015)".

    V1.1.2 (June 04, 2015)
    • Added slow time effect after activating the turbo (EPIC!!!)
    • Reduced the sensitivity of the turbo, it won't stop so easily now.
    • Reduced effect volume.
    • Reduced even more recharge time.
    • System notification when loading the mod.
    • Slight increase to the muzzle flash size.

    V1.1 (June 04, 2015)
    • Added after burner speed for airplanes, helicopters and boats. (Rocket boats)
    • Added a sound effect when the turbo ends.
    • Better placement of the muzzle flash.
    • Reduced minimum and default recharge time by 100 cycles.

    V1.0 (June 04, 2015)
    • Initial launch

    ASI MD5: DE24C96A11DF07558C95F7FB5F6B91E6

    For further inquiries contact me at
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