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  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    I don't get this at all, so can I still use this even if it's still outdated? Because I tried to launch my GTA V game and it crashed because of this mod. Once I removed it, it started to work. If I can actually keep this without things crashing, that'd be great because I've been using some mods recently for multiple playthroughs

    20 december 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    @pongo1231 quick update, I got the gravity commands to work, I completely removed every mod I had including the trainer and now it's working!

    Also, just a quick suggestion: Could you add a command labeled something like "Dancing Ped" and it spawns a random ped that just dances, or a dancing clone. I just think that would be pretty funny, beautiful mod though I'm having tons of fun thanks!

    15 juni 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    @pongo1231 I'm using the Steam version, and no, I'm not using FiveM Singleplayer, I don't know what it is lol. All I have is ScriptHookV and an enhanced native trainer with all the settings turned off

    13 juni 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    I'm still loving this mod even after playing with it for a month, but the gravity effects are still not working.

    Low, very low and vehicles have no gravity just aren't working for me, and I checked all my other mods, i don't know why it's happening.

    Insane gravity is working though and the invert gravity, the other ones.. no.

    11 juni 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    I appear to be having an issue, every time I try to start a new game (*start over from prologue*), the game crashes. I removed .NET and tried to launch a new game and it worked, but when I replaced the .NET files back into my directory and tried to start a new game, it just crashed on me again. Any advice?

    18 mei 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    Yeah so it still isn't working, I got a new pc well suited for gaming, I installed this mod and the game won't launch, so idk what to do at this point

    16 mei 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    @pongo1231 Hello again, I have a few bugs to report and a few suggestions...

    Bugs I am having:
    All of the gravity options, low / very low gravity and vehicle gravity aren't working for me

    I feel like the zombies option would be great if cops were disabled during the duration and the this is what mexico feels like was also added. That way, no cops attack for you killing zombies and the whole atmosphere becomes scarier.

    Could we get a friendly companion Griefer Jesus?

    9 maart 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    Sometimes, the launch player up effect doesn't work if you're in a car, could this be fixed or was it intended to be this way?

    18 februari 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    @Zemanez hey it's me again, I don't have a problem, I just have a suggestion.

    Do you think you could make a friendly Greifer Jesus? Sort of like Companion Brad or Companion Chimp, but it's a friendly Companion Jesus that shoots enemies with a railgun instead of you. Same with the Extreme Griefer Jesus. It would be awesome to see him go around killing enemies with the Mark Opressor lol

    5 februari 2020
  • E9289a pinhead patrick

    @pongo1231 so quick update, I decided to restart my computer and leave it alone for over a week. I then reinstalled the mod and this time, it didn't disappear so I was able to install it correctly.

    I hopped in game and it's working perfectly. I don't know how it fixed itself but I'm glad it did because this mod is awesome. So here's a 5 star rating :)

    28 januari 2020