Railroads Enhanced - Improved rail crossings & more! 1.01


This mod overhauls the many rail crossings around the map and adds more railroad related props where they're needed.

  • Fixes the lights not flashing on the rear-side of rail crossings lights
  • Greatly increases the brightness of rail crossing lights
  • Additional lights, signage and gantry models
  • All crossings have been improved with the addition of more lights, barriers, props etc
  • New signals & buffers in places where they're missing

This mod does not:
  • Remove any world props
  • Fix the crossing barriers getting stuck when running at a high framerate

There are a couple of crossings which Rockstar 'forgot' to add any actual functionality to them - ie. the lights don't flash nor do cars stop. I tried to fix this but sadly I don't think it's possible. Instead, these crossings have roadworks or other warning signs setup around them to at least make them realistic.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Recommend using the ones in the readme file instead)
1. Launch OpenIV and enable Edit Mode.
2. Navigate to mods/update/x64/dlcpacks
3. Drag/drop the folder railroadsenhanced from this download into the dlcpacks folder in OpenIV.
4. Navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data. Find the file dlclist.xml, right-click > Edit.
5. Add the following to the list of DLC items: railroadsenhanced
6. Save the file
7. Check if the file "x64h.rpf" is in your mods folder, if it isn't then copy it from the main GTA V directory to your mods folder.
8. Navigate to mods/x64h.rpf/levels/gta5/props/roadside/vtrafficlights.rpf
9. Open the 'models' folder in this download and drag/drop the 2 files in there into OpenIV.
10. Lastly, navigate to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data
11. Find the file 'visualsettings.dat', right-click > Edit.
12. Search (CTRL F) for the word 'rail'. Change the value of 'misc.brightlight.railwayItensity' to 200.0
This value changes the brightness of the crossing lights and works well for vanilla and NVE, if you're using other graphics mods you may need to adjust this value to your liking.
13. Save the file. All done!

Let me know what you think and if you have any feedback or improvement suggestions! If anybody can find the sound effect file for the railroad crossing bell, please let me know!

If there's any coders out there able to fix the barriers becoming stuck at high FPS, I'd be happy to add that to this mod and add you as an author. Seems all they need is a nudge/collision to start moving again, so I'm sure something like that could be achieved with a script but I'm no coder. Let me know in the comments!

NOT compatible with "Los Santos Rail Improvements"

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-Updated installation instructions in the readme
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