DaPlug 1.2



A script that lets you become a plug/dealer.

- Call clients and go to their location
- Sell weapons for 10% off the original price (only available for the weapons mentioned in the "weapons_price" file)
- Clients leave the location after the deal
- Clients can give up from the deal if you go too far away
Expected features in future updates:

- Reputation system
- Clients that refuse the deal
- Undercover cops
- Traps (get jumped/robbed/shot/killed)
- Scammers
- If you get spotted by the cops, the client will run and you will receive wanted level
- More (Would appreciate some ideas from yall!)

- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .Net 2
- iFruitAddon 2

Place in scripts folder (if you dont have one just create a new folder and name it "scripts")
*To remove it, simply move it out of the scripts folder or just delete it.*

This is BETA version.
Expect lack of features and some bugs.

The only bugs i found and im trying to fix:

- Peds may spawn on top of buildings (kinda fixed in v1.2)
- Peds may spawn as emergency peds (cops,doctors,firefighters,etc)
I dont know if this a big issue because even if you "roleplay" you can consider them as corrupted ones and still sell to them
- If you have more than a weapon at you it will sell all of them, so please only have a weapon at you while dealing (can be any melee, handgun, shotgun, sniper, rifle,throwable) (kinda fixed in v1.2)
- Some peds might spawn as animals (low chance but still can happen)

If you find any other bugs tell me in the comment section.

  • v1.1(beta):
    - Added console command "dpreset" in case a ped is bugged/glitched. This will remove the current ped so you can call another one
    - Added console command "dpdisable" to disable the script
    - Added console command "dpenable" to enable the script
    - Added custom price to 10 new guns (check in "weapons_price")
    - Increased client (ped) spawn max distance

  • v1.2(beta):
    - Changed contact name from "Client" to "Clients Network"
    - Clients Network can find clients for you or not (unlike v1.1/v1.0 where every call made will spawn a client)
    - Added custom price to 5 new guns (check in "weapons_price")
    - Changed console command "dpreset" to "dpcancel" (it still does the same thing, just the name changed)
    - Added console command "dpcar" to spawn a black car for you to drive
    - Added console command "!dpcar" to let you re-use the "dpcar" command after you spawned the car but lost it/cant access it
    - Added console command "dpfixcar" to fix any car you currently drive
    - Added console command "dpnetwork" to get info on the "Clients Network" contact
    - Added console command "dphelp" to list all the available commands
    - To see what each command does while in-game, write the command then add an "-info" after it (e.g.: dpcar-info // !dpcar-info // dphelp-info)
    - Added & changed colors in texts
    - Mostly fixed the issue with clients spawning in the middle of the roads (might still spawn on the sides of the roads)
    - Kinda fixed clients spawning on top of buildings
    - Mostly fixed the issue with clients spawning in water
    - Increased clients min&max spawn distance
    - Decreased time for clients to answer
    - Decreased time for closing phone after call
    - Now clients will send you a message about the location where you need to meet them
    - Player can now contact the Clients Network only if their wanted level is 0
    Screenshots (v1.0)
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